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Getting High on Highline
Posted by admin on September 16, 2012
Getting High on Highline

A mile long linear parkway along an elevated, disused railroad line in downtown Manhattan! Wow! And to think it was to be demolished some 15 years ago but the residents proposed this alternative and it actually got the needed support and funding from the city and various corporates. 

Coming from congested, polluted Mumbai, where every inch of open space seems to be up for grabs to be converted into ugly highrises, (including our Rani Baug if the municipality and developers have their way) this clean, well maintained public parkway seemed a dream come true. 

With spectacular views of the harbour along Chelsea Piers and the IAC structure by Frank Gehry on one side and the Empire State building in the distance on the other, the gardens along the tracks are planned to mimic the wild landscape that grows naturally alongside rail lines.

  If only our officials who go on regular jaunts around the world to study public spaces and roads and decongestion would take a leaf out of this. If only...

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