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My Journey to becoming a Professional Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

My first encounter with Dr Bach’s floral remedies was almost five years ago. Transiting through London, my travel companion rushed into Boots to pick a bottle of Rescue Remedy. She explained she always kept one in her handbag. The moment she felt anxious or panicky, a few drops is all it took to calm her. When she couldn’t sleep, she’d sprinkle some on her pillow. My curiosity was piqued when she told me the remedy was flower based, but she didn’t know much more.

On returning to Mumbai, I began browsing the internet to find out more on Dr Bach’s floral essences. Perusing the images of the blooms to see if I recognized any, I made a startling revelation.

Having run Bageecha, and worked with flowers and plants since the last 38 years, I have done the floral decor for innumerable events of every kind, including funerals. The one small white flower that I am drawn to using time and again in wreaths and funereal decor is the Ornithogalum, (which we commonly refer to as Ornitho). For some reason it soothes me and lifts my spirit. When I realised, it was in fact Star of Bethlehem, that Dr Bach recommended for traumas and was a part of Rescue Remedy, I was totally stunned. And perhaps in that moment, I knew that I wanted to pursue learning these remedies seriously.

I believe completely in the power of flowers. I have a team of 15, most of whom have been with me for over 30 years, and in our shop we have a strong belief that flowers have a magic that make for a life long love affair.

My opportunity to learn Bach remedies came around three years ago, when a teacher from Chennai did a three-day introductory course. Working with the essences she provided, her notes and my readings from the Internet, I started using them on myself, family and friends. The response was amazing. Soon friends recommended me to other friends….

In my spare time, since the past few years I have also been helping many people with Sujok, a Korean system of acupressure and pain management. I often found that my clients’ stress had an emotional quotient that I started addressing through Bach remedies with positive results. While I was certainly improving my skills of identifying appropriate remedy mixtures, and my Chennai teacher was always an SMS away, yet somehow there was a yearning to deepen my learning about these essences, to understand them better.

By some happy coincidence I learnt about the Bach Centre course and I knew instantly that this was what I was looking for. And now I am a trained professional practitioner affiliated with the Bach Centre Trust in the UK.

There can be no other way to do justice to Dr Bach’s path breaking work or get the most health benefits from his system of floral remedies than by making them a part of one’s life. The astonishing simplicity of the method, ease of using, coupled with their amazing effectiveness, make it possible to incorporate them into everyday living with little effort.

As these Bach remedies become increasingly integral to me, I wonder at times as to why I never discovered them earlier, given my interest in nature and having spent so many years working with flowers and plants. I have no answer. Perhaps the Buddhist saying, the teacher appears only when the pupil is ready, holds true for me. I know this is going to be a life long extension of my work with flowers. And to this end I have converted a part of my shop into a consultation room, where I can meet clients surrounded by joyous and colourful blooms.

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